Q. Why is it more expensive to book Quail's Inn through VRBO or Airbnb? 

Above the annual subscription fee they charge. They also add hefty transaction fees for both host and guest. We initially started our own booking site to allow our regular returning guests the chance to avoid the additional costs. 

Q. Is it safe to book Quail's Inn direct? 

The payment portal we use is Stripe, one of the largest online merchant credit card processing services. All of your sensitive payment information is encrypted. As well, unlike the big sites, here we can share more information with each other prior to booking. As well we have the flexibility to offer custom terms upon request.

Q. Is there a noise curfew? 

Yes 11 PM. However, the pool deck is completely isolated, neither us or neighbours can hear any noise from that area. So late nights or noise in pool area is not a problem. Anywhere else on the property however there's an 11 PM (loud) noise curfew. Coming and going beyond 11 pm is disruptive to us as our space is at the front of the property.

Q. Is the property kid friendly?

Absolutely, it is a great family house. All one level, fun for the tiny tots learning to walk. Or anyone with mobility issues. Long flat private drive to learn to bike. One of the bathrooms has a tub. The pool has large steps for adults to sit with non-swimmers. We also have a number of children items to pull out upon request. Including; One baby crib, a 3" thick 3" X 5" folding child's mattress (bring sleeping bag). Two booster seats, one with tray. Baby/toddler pool (fill with warm water from pool shower), misc floatation (ask). Two strollers (not for off road) . Children's patio chairs & play table. Plenty of books and some toys. WARNING: Parents must remove any cleaners below sinks and cover plugs as needed. 

We just added a hot tub! Winter 2018.

Q.  Are the pool and hot tub open all year? 

The hot tub is year round. We aim to have the pool open and balanced by the May long weekend. And shut down is usually completed by the end of Sept. However, pool heat is very dependant on weather. If overnight temperatures are below 15C, please don't expect a warm pool. If they are dropping as low as 10C we shut heat off altogether. There's always the hot tub.

Q.  Your property looks like a great place to have a wedding. Would you consider this? 

Unfortunately not. Although the property appears suitable. It is not. The property is at the end of a quiet family neighbourhood, therefore increased traffic is discouraged. However, Quail's Inn is the perfect spot for family & guests that want to retreat from all of the wedding excitement. In particular the grand-parents and children.

Q. Is the property "Accessible" ? 

Yes to a great extent. The entire house is on one level. There is a long flat paved driveway and the parking is spacious and close to the front door. One step to enter house. Hallways are wide. The bedroom doorways are 29" wide. Showers are step-in with a small ledge. If you have particular questions. Please contact us.


Q. Are you close to the beach? 

Yes a short 7 minute drive or 25-35 minute bike ride down a safe bike trail will take you to Lakeshore Drive, which of course has a number of popular beaches. However most families simply stay close to home and enjoy the large concrete pool, huge private pool deck, private tennis court, walking and biking trails, stocked fish pond .... on and on. 


Q. I need to keep working remotely, how reliable is your internet connection? 

We have fibre to the property. Our plan includes 150 Mbps download, 150 Mbps upload and just over 1000 GB/mth which can be increased but so far we've never exceeded 20%. 

Q. Are you near shops? 

A short drive takes you to all major stores. However, many people find it easier to walk through the park. Even the famed Farmer's Market (Wednesdays and Saturdays) is a short walk away. Canadian Super Store is also an easy walk. 

Q. Can we ride your horses? 

Unfortunately not. Other than one trained for dressage. The others are youngsters brought in as projects for re-sale and can be a bit unpredictable. However, for the enthusiasts, please never hesitate to come by if we're out grooming or bathing one of them.

Q. Do you supply bikes to ride? 

No sorry we don't. However we do have plenty of bike (golf gear etc...) secure storage space in the carriage house. We urge you to bring your bikes as adjacent trails are abundant.

Q. Can we bring our pet? 

No pets sorry. We're listed as a "NO PETS" property on the other big marketing channels. As such, travelers with allergies are relying on this information. 

Q. Is there a laundry? 

Absolutely. And we provide detergent. The entire house is fully supplied. Toilet paper,  paper towel, napkins, dish soap. Once booked, we do provide a list a week or so prior to check-in that even includes pantry items such as salt & pepper etc...